Compute access and travel times for custom points

Conveyal is optimized to calculate accessibility indicators for every point in an analysis grid.

In certain cases, however, you may be interested in calculating accessibility indicators for certain non-grid "freeform" origins, or travel time indicators between a set of origins and destinations. There are a few prototype approaches for such calculations.

To download travel time surfaces, isochrones, or accessibility results for specific sets of origins using Python scripts, see the notebook in this repository. This notebook is provided as an example only, and Conveyal provides no guarantee of ongoing API compatibility for such external scripts.

Alternatively, Conveyal has experimental options for uploading CSVs of origin/destination coordinates, then computing travel times between these origins and destinations (all combinations, or for matched one-to-one pairs). This capability will be enabled for general users in an upcoming release. In the meantime, contact your support team if you are interested.