Sometimes you will want to adjust the speed on a route, or a portion of it (for instance due to the addition of dedicated bus lanes, or an application of transit signal priority). As before, you will create the modification and select a feed, routes and patterns. If you want to modify only part of the route, you can use similar selection tools to those used in the remove stops (with new selection, add and remove buttons). The difference is that you are now selecting hops. The selected segment will be shown on the map in purple. Finally, enter a scale, which is the factor to multiply the speed by. For instance, if you enter 2, vehicles will travel twice as fast between stops (this modification does not affect dwell times; to model changes in dwell time, see the adjust dwell time modification below).

This modification does not take into account the possibility of increased frequency due to more efficient routes. However, it can be paired withe a change frequency modification to model that scenario.

Adjusting the speed of a portion of a transit line