In the United States, we automatically populate opportunity data from LODES, which contains location information about jobs and worker residences. If you wish to compute accessibility using other information, or if you are outside the US, you will need to upload opportunity data. You can do this by selecting the "Opportunity Datasets" button on the sidebar.

If you are uploading a shapefile, it should not be zipped. Select all of the files in the Shapefile when uploading (at the very least, .shp, .shx, .dbf and .prj). How you select multiple files depends on your browser and operating system, but generally will involve shift-clicking, control-clicking or command-clicking.

Uploading a Shapefile by selecting all constituent files

If you upload a CSV file, two extra fields will appear, in which you must type the field names of the latitude and longitude fields (we currently only support CSV files in WGS 84 Latitude/Longitude coordinates).

Uploading a CSV file and entering the latitude and longitude columns

Once you have done this, click "Upload new opportunity dataset" to start the upload.