General Transit Feed Specification, a format for transit network and schedule data. Most transit agencies produce GTFS feeds to power customer-facing trip planning applications, but they are also useful for analysis. Conveyal Analysis uses bundles of GTFS .zip files to build the transit layer of the baseline network.

routing engine

Conveyal R5 is the core computational software behind Conveyal Analysis. It performs one-to-many searches on multimodal (transit/bike/walk/car) transport networks.

transport network

A routable network with transit and road layers, built by a specific version of R5. The transit layer is built from a GTFS bundle and the road layer is built from the OpenStreetMap network associated with a region.

trip pattern

A sequence of stops visited by a transit vehicle. A trip pattern can have many trips, and a route consists of a one or more trip patterns.


A single vehicle trip, representing a vehicle visiting the stops on a particular trip pattern at a particular time.


A portion of a trip consisting of a transit vehicle traveling between two consecutive stops.